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Radon Testing in Portland

Before beginning work on your home you first need to perform a continuous radon monitor test (CRM) which is the most accurate, short-terms test. our radon specialist will visit your home to set up the test explaining how it works. After 48 hours we return to your home to check the test results. You should have such a test performed every 2 years in your home.

Your Radon Mitigation Company

If after testing we find that the radon levels in your home are dangerous we recommend the immediate installation of a radon mitigation (abatement) system. This system includes a hole drilled into the slab of your basement or crawlspace. All cracks in the area are sealed off forcing the radon gas to enter the home through the drilled hole which is then connected to a pvc pipe that safely vents the gas outside of your home.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Radon is not the only potential danger in your home. The air quality may suffer due to air born microbials, allergens, and toxic compounds. Just like radon we test for these issues with an indoor air quality test. If there is a problem we install high-grade air filters and an air filtration system to make sure that the air in your home you and family breathe is clean and safe.

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Local radon specialist, Clean Air Act, Inc., is urging homeowners to test for radon regardless of a ...
Local radon specialist, Clean Air Act, Inc., is urging homeowners to test for radon regardless of a home’s air sealing effectiveness.... [Read more]
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To protect more homeowners from the dangers of radon exposure, Clean Air Act, Inc. has expanded their service area to...
To protect more homeowners from the dangers of radon exposure, Clean Air Act, Inc. has expanded their service area to Portland homeowners. ... [Read more]
Work Requests From Portland, OR
N Winchell St in Portland
We are in the process of buying a home and our radon test results came back to have high levels present. We need a quote to start the negotiation process with the seller. Thanks!
SW Laurelwood Avenue in Portland
After a 56 hour test in the family room in our basement (with the door closed) our test was in the high level. I would like a free estimate on the cost of installing a radon mitigation system.
SE Orange Ave in Portland
Ne Flanders in Portland
Process for mitigating high level of radon in older home.
SE Division Street in Portland
We just purchased a home and during our inspection it was revealed that there is high levels of radon in the basement. We would like to have a mitigation system installed.
Northeast Stanton Street in Portland
We have radon levels around 4.25 in our new home and are hoping to reduce these with a fan. Thanks!
SE Clatsop St in Portland
We've discovered a high radon level in our basement and are seeking bids for mitigation. Would like to schedule an estimate as soon as possible?
in Portland
I'm buying a house, it's currently under contract. Radon testing showed levels of 3.3 PCI. I want to get the levels below the World Health Org. recommended level of 2.7 PCI or lower.
in Portland
We are leasing an office space in Milwaukie, Every time the air conditioning or heat comes on, there is an awful smell, like stinky feet. We are unable to use the heat or air because it is so bad. The vents have been cleaned and it's still there.
in Portland
Consistent headaches and dizziness at home.
in Portland
We had a radon reading of 17 in our partial basement. Looking to get a quote for remediation.
Ne Roselawn St in Portland
I need to schedule a radon test ASAP
SE MILLMAIN DR in Portland
I need radon Mitigation to finalize the sale of my home. we are at 8 pC/L. Our home is a single level with a crawl space. vapor barrier is in disrepair.
NE Siskiyou St in Portland
Want to eliminate as much radon and bad air as possible
in Portland
Mold, dust, radon
in Portland
Looking to install a dehumidifier in my finished basement (~1000 sq.ft). Currently running a small capacity, consumer grade dehumidifier, but would like a solution that doesn't require emptying it out daily.
in Portland
Would like an estimate for radon removal. thank you! Rick
NE Cesar Chavez Blvd in Portland
Budget estimate needed on Radon Mitigation for small NE Portland home. Approx 1340 sq feet. Radon tests indicate on lower levels. Still would like to complete this service for home resale value in the future. Thank you!
in Portland
New apt bldg, my apt has a pungent nauseating odor. Possible ventilation problems. Manager used an Ozone machine but still horrible smell. Manager wont do anymore. I'd like a quote on a test.
SE DIVISION ST. in Portland
Allergies and breathing issues. the house was "remodeled" after a major flood about two years ago, but it wasnt treated as a water damage house.
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