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Learn more about Clean Air Act, Inc.'S recent work requests in Portland, OR
Vicinity of SE MILLMAIN DR in Portland
I need radon Mitigation to finalize the sale of my home. we are at 8 pC/L. Our home is a single level with a crawl space. vapor barrier is in disrepair.
Vicinity of NE Siskiyou St in Portland
Want to eliminate as much radon and bad air as possible
Vicinity of in Portland
Mold, dust, radon
Vicinity of in Portland
Looking to install a dehumidifier in my finished basement (~1000 sq.ft). Currently running a small capacity, consumer grade dehumidifier, but would like a solution that doesn't require emptying it out daily.
Vicinity of in Portland
Would like an estimate for radon removal. thank you! Rick
Vicinity of NE Cesar Chavez Blvd in Portland
Budget estimate needed on Radon Mitigation for small NE Portland home. Approx 1340 sq feet. Radon tests indicate on lower levels. Still would like to complete this service for home resale value in the future. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Portland
New apt bldg, my apt has a pungent nauseating odor. Possible ventilation problems. Manager used an Ozone machine but still horrible smell. Manager wont do anymore. I'd like a quote on a test.
Vicinity of SE DIVISION ST. in Portland
Allergies and breathing issues. the house was "remodeled" after a major flood about two years ago, but it wasnt treated as a water damage house.
Vicinity of in Portland
I am looking into the possibility/ necessity of installing a radon mitigation system... solely dependent on cost and physical alteration of our house 's physical structure.
Vicinity of in Portland
High radon level
Vicinity of SE Crystal Ln in Portland
I had a radon test prior to purchasing the house and need a mitigation system installed.
Vicinity of SE Ellis St in Portland
Curious about radon mitigation prices
Vicinity of SE Bush St in Portland
My husband thinks we have indoor air quality issues. We have two little kids, our older one has had a cough for the last month when he sleeps, and my husband gets a kind of allergic reaction sometimes when he is upstairs where the kids sleep. Our home has already had lead abatement and radon mitigation work done. We are interested in any other relevant air quality tests and possible improvements.
Vicinity of Sw Lee St. in Portland
Unknown odor.
Vicinity of in Portland
My home recorded a 4.1, the buyers wants mitigation. Need an estimate.
Vicinity of SE Clinton St in Portland
Radon and dehumidifier for basement (832 sq ft)
Vicinity of in Portland
I just want to check the air quality in my basement
Vicinity of NW Park Ave in Portland
Hello! My apologies for the short notice - I am moving out of my apartment today because of a serious allergy issue and suspect it is mold. Any chance you have availability today? Pearl District 9th and Glisan Thank you, Michael Carlson
Vicinity of SE Main St. in Portland
I am a renter with a very "hands-off" landlord. I have been dealing with an undetermined chronic illness that has gotten increasingly worse and 12 doctors have been unable to diagnose me with anything. I know there have been some mold issues in the home, the worst of which I thought the landlord finally fixed (after 4 years of asking), but I am thinking there might be other environmental concerns making me ill. I cannot afford to move and I cannot afford a lot of money to pay for testing, and I don't think my landlord would pay for it either, but I'm hoping you can help me out!! I'd like to know the cost for testing a small 2 BR duplex apartment (the whole place is maybe 7 or 800 sq ft?) My main concerns are mold and we have the windows open often so I'm wondering about any outside environmental toxins...we are near to but not quite in the SE arsenic area. Thank you so much for any help you can offer!!! Also, please email and don't call, I don't really answer my phone.
Vicinity of Ne Bryce St in Portland
Radon testing and mitigation if needed
Vicinity of in Portland
I'm concerned about radon and was wondering if someone could come out and give us a mitigation quote. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Portland
I have tested my home three different times and the average radon levels are around 10-13. Wanting to see if someone can come out and give me a free estimate on a mitigation system?
Vicinity of in Portland
48-hour radon test came back with an average 5.3 pCi/1 concentration and readings as high as 9.8 pCi/1.
Vicinity of in Portland
Need to reduce current radon levels
Vicinity of SW Nebraska ST in Portland
We recently moved into our remodeled home and are currently having ground water issues. We tested for radon prior to the final phase of construction, but given that we've had ground water in the HVAC system, I'd like to retest. I would also like to test for mold just in case that has become an issue.
Vicinity of in Portland
Our radon test came back above limit. Would like to get a quote for radon mitigation on the property.
Vicinity of Sw St. Helens Ct in Portland
Radon testing. Neighbour up the street had issues with their home. thought a good idea to test ours.
Vicinity of SE Ramona Street in Portland
A home that I'll be purchasing tested high (4.7 pCi/L) on a 2-day radon test. The seller has requested a retest before installing a radon mitigation system, and I am contacting you to find out your pricing and availability for a short-term test. Thank you!
Vicinity of in Portland
High radon levels. Need abatement. Please provide a quote. Thanks!
Vicinity of in Portland
Our house has been tested and we have a higher level of radon than recommended. Need to take care of that! I'd like to get an estimate and get this done. Thanks for getting back to me.
Vicinity of N Shaver St in Portland
Old house with finished basement, concerned about radon
Vicinity of N. Moore Ave in Portland
I would like to have my home tested for radon. I know that it is high in my neighborhood. We tested it before ourselves using a home kit.
Vicinity of in Portland
The radon test came back above average at our home and we are selling. We need to get an estimate on fixing the problem
Vicinity of in Portland
I have tested for positive for radon in my basement, and would like a quote on mitigation.
Vicinity of Se Bybee Blvd in Portland
We are buying the home above and it has tested high for radon. i am looking for a quote on how much it would cost to install the radon exhaust system. I'd appreciate your help.
Vicinity of Se Mall in Portland
Diy test results indicated 11.9 average in basement
Vicinity of in Portland
Selling the house, had a radon test. We were told the radon level was a little higher than allowed. We want to proceed to get bid for the installation of a mitigation system.
Vicinity of in Portland
We administered some at home radon tests and the results are really high. We're looking to have a mitigation system installed.
Vicinity of N McKenna Ave in Portland
I represent the buyer in a home purchase. We had the home tested for radon and the results came up at 10.5. We would like to get a bid for a remediation system. the house was built in 1941 and has an unfinished concrete basement.
Vicinity of SE Tacoma in Portland
We have tested for Radon and got a reading on the high end of acceptable. My husband uses the basement for an office.
Vicinity of NE Knott Street in Portland
We had a radon test done and it came back at 4.8. We are trying to sell our home so we need to find out how much mitigation will cost.
Vicinity of N. Morgan in Portland
Just had a lab test that said my Radon level was high but no details. Would like to know how much it is to have my basement tested for Radon. Thaanks
Vicinity of in Portland
Radon levels. we live in an area where it is known to be a potential problem.
Vicinity of in Portland
I am purchasing this home and the radon levels tested at about 12 pl. I need mitigation. I wuold like a quote for how much it would cost to install.
Vicinity of in Portland
Need an radon evaluation of this property prior to sale.
Vicinity of Nw Clatremont Dr in Portland
Have not checked for radon before
Vicinity of SE Raymond ST in Portland
We had a prior radon test done over a year ago and we would like to have a 2nd measuring from another contractor before we moved ahead with the mitigation. We have a few concerns as we would have to mitigate in an area where sound proofing is extremely important.I would like to setup an appointment/ testing ASAP. Please let me know and thanks for your help.
Vicinity of SW Gunther Lane in Portland
Can we get a radon test set up during our property inspection on this Wed? 3-5PM? Also, what is the cost?
Vicinity of N Failing St in Portland
Radon in our basement
Vicinity of in Portland
Radon in my home.
Vicinity of NE Wistaria Drive in Portland
Upon inspection a year ago our house measured 6.2 for radon. I just measured a small room in the basement and it measured 8.0. Would like a quote on vent pipe solution to our radon problem.
Vicinity of in Portland
Old house
Vicinity of in Portland
We live in a radon area and we have a finished basement with a bedroom so I'd like to confirm whether or not we should be concerned.
Vicinity of in Portland
Concerned about radon levels in my home
Vicinity of NE Liberty Street in Portland
New report about high level of radon in NE neighborhoods.
Vicinity of SE Martins Avenue in Portland
I represent buyers purchasing this property. They have had a radon test completed which was high. Would like to get an estimate of radon remediation.
Vicinity of in Portland
We had a radon test done. The score was a 10. I was wondering if I could have someone come and do an estimate, and tell us what can be done and the price. We also don't have very little crawl space, and nearly no crawl space in some areas. Our house is for sell and we have to solve this problem as soon as possible.
Vicinity of in Portland
Want to check out home for possible environmental irritants causing prolong coughing and breathing problems
Vicinity of NW Barnes in Portland
I would like to know the cost for IAT.
Vicinity of in Portland
We have done a home radon detection test with scores that have come back very high. Looking to confirm the accuracy of the test and get an estimate for mitigation.
Vicinity of SE Cook Court in Portland
I moved into my new apartment and have been sick for over 8 weeks. I can smell mold and mildew but can't find it.There is High humidity and the apartment management discovered that the carpet was bad and damaged and replaced the carpet with new carpet. I need to find out what is making me sick and not get well. I have a air cleaner and a dehumidifier. How much for an inspection? If your company is not the right place for me to get help, can you please refer me to the right resource? I'm feeling desperate. Thank you. :) I prefer to be contacted by email.
Vicinity of Se Harold St in Portland
Have 8.2 radon level in my full concrete basement and need a mitigation system.
Vicinity of N Leonard St in Portland
I completed a week long test and my levels were 4.25, it think, it was some time ago. I would like to see about installing the radon fan that sucks it out of the soil. thank you Carmella
Vicinity of in Portland
My wife and I have put in an offer on a house. We are concerned about the VOC levels of the wood floor finish and carpeting.
Vicinity of N Ivanhoe St. in Portland
Just want to have air quality tested in our home
Vicinity of SW Miles Court in Portland
Finishing basement (~1500 sq ft.) and deciding between freestanding versus built-in dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Sw Midea Ln in Portland
Radon test came back at 5. I need an estimate for mitigation
Vicinity of in Portland
Our recent Radon test revealed a level of 4.3; we would like an estimate for a mitigation system. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Portland
What is the cost of installing a radon system ?
Vicinity of in Portland
We received a radon test result that we are at 3.8 from a reading in our basement. We would like a bid to mitigate. Thank you.
Vicinity of N. WILLAMETTE BLV in Portland
Would like to have my house tested for radon and fixe the issue if necessary
Vicinity of Ne Sumner in Portland
Interested in mitigation quote
Vicinity of in Portland
Would like air testing
Vicinity of SE Clinton St. in Portland
I have a 1924 800 sq. ft. house with an 800 sq. ft. unfinished basement. The ceilings are about 6 feet 8 inches tall. I have a hygrometer in the basement and the humidity is usually 65-80%. Also, one of the walls seeps water during heavy/prolonged rain. I'm interested in getting a quote for a dehumidifier. Thanks. Brent.
Vicinity of SW Porter St in Portland
Concerned for high levels or mold or pet dander in my house and would like it tested.
Vicinity of Sw Falcon St in Portland
We have an offer to buy this home and did a radon screening. Th average result was 3.6pCi/l, with a rather fluctuating chart. Need estimate for reduction fix by Thursday of next week. Can you arrange that?
Vicinity of N Denver Ave in Portland
Our home radon kit showed high levels of radon. Interested in getting this checked and an estimate on mitigation.
Vicinity of N Jersey St in Portland
Two day electronic test came in at 6.4.
Vicinity of in Portland
Have had two short-term radon tests, 6pci and 8pci. Need to mitigate via covering dirt in crawlspace (400 sq ft or so), sealing air and heating ducts, and, if necessary installing fan. How much will this cost roughly? Thanks very much.
Vicinity of in Portland
Would like to get our house tested for radon.
Vicinity of SW Radcliff in Portland
Selling our home. What is the cost range for inspection and mitigation?
Vicinity of in Portland
I'm the Realtor for a small hose on SE 18th. The eadon test came in at 8. Teh home has a basement. How much does mitigation cost?
Vicinity of in Portland
Basement radon mitigation
Vicinity of in Portland
I live on radon ridge. I would like a ballpark estimate to mitigate on a 1000 square foot home with a 500 square foot basement.please email me.
Vicinity of N Kerby Ave in Portland
I recently found out I have a radon level of 25 in my home. It is a two story home with an unfinished basement. I was wondering what it would cost to put in a radon removal system.
Vicinity of N Leonard St in Portland
Radon, mold, and any other allergen inside the home
Vicinity of N Dana Ave in Portland
Would like a quote for installation of Radon Mitigation System for a 845sqft home.
Vicinity of SE Tibbetts in Portland
My home tested at 5.2 pCi/L and I am interested in a radon mitigation quote. Thanks, Annie
Vicinity of Nw Harding Court in Portland
Radon levels
Vicinity of Se Center St in Portland
Vicinity of N Alma in Portland
I will like to get a estimate of getting my house tested for radon
Vicinity of in Portland
High levels of Radion
Vicinity of in Portland
Im about to start a major house remodel in 2014 and wondering roughly what it costs to install a radon mitigation system. I'm working on budgets now and curious what it would roughly cost to install.
Vicinity of in Portland
I performed a Radon test (the home depot variety)it came back at 50.3 pCi/L. I would like to get another test and mitigation quote.
Vicinity of SE Clay in Portland
I have already done testing and tested well above recommended levels.
Vicinity of NE Fremont Street in Portland
We just had a radon test. The average was 2.2. We had a spike of 5.7
Vicinity of SW FAIRVIEW BLVD in Portland
Lika a mitigation quote. Tested by home inspecter. measured around 7. looking for best deal on ventilation install.
Vicinity of NE Weidler in Portland
When we had our inspection done for our house when buying it, radon levels were at 5.5, we need to see about getting these reduced or eliminated completely.
Vicinity of in Portland
Bought new home and want to see what it would cost to put radon system in
Vicinity of N Omaha in Portland
A 48 hour radon test determined steadily rising levels of radon in basement.
Vicinity of in Portland
We bought a house that tested high radon levels. We're acquiring bids for a radon mitigation system installation.
Vicinity of in Portland
Test results indicate my home has 4.3 pCi/L. My home has a finished basement (and I think it also has a partial adjacent crawlspace), built in 1912, remodeled in 2006. Would like a mitigation quote, and what is involved.
Vicinity of SE Francis in Portland
We are home sellers. We had a radon test done that suggested the radon levels may be higher than regulations allow. We would like to have a second test done to confirm or refute that test.
Vicinity of in Portland
Need a radon removal service for my home's basement, how much would this cost?
Vicinity of in Portland
We did a long term radon test in the basement with an elevated result of 6.9 pCi/L. Would like to discuss if mitigation is necessary and if so what the options are. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Portland
No immediate concerns. but we have two children. our house was built in 1884 and the basement was added in the 1950s.
Vicinity of in Portland
We are fixing up the basement for more activity and would like a test.
Vicinity of in Portland
We need radon mitigation in the basement of the house we plan on purchasing may 31st. The place we talked to quoted us 1100.
Vicinity of in Portland
Home has not been tested for radon
Vicinity of in Portland
We are looking for a radon mitigation system to be installed.
Vicinity of N Burrage Ave in Portland
Radon gas at my house.
Vicinity of SE Cooper St in Portland
Lung issues that cannot be explained, bi-level house and bedroom is in 'basement'
Vicinity of in Portland
We have acquired a sixty year old home with a full basement and we want to know if there is significant radon present and if so, how best to mitigate the problem.
Vicinity of in Portland
We need a free inspection to see if the level of radon in out basement merits any action, and if so, what the charge would be. Thank You
Vicinity of Lambert in Portland
Looking/gathering info on how radon remediation will cost a seller in the Portland, metro area.
Vicinity of NE Clackamas Street in Portland
We recently had our home inspected for a potential buyer. The radon test in our basement indicated that radon levels were in the "4 to 6 PCL range." We would like to obtain a quote for mitigation.
Vicinity of Ne Cleveland Ave in Portland
Would like radon testing competed, we are re-doing our basement.
Vicinity of in Portland
Need appointment no later that tuesday afternoon. test came back at 10.
Vicinity of Underwood in Portland
Buying a home, would like testing for Radon done.
Vicinity of SE Insley St in Portland
We need a quote for a mitigation system
Vicinity of NE Skidmore in Portland
Our home is in NE Portland and the basement radon test we sent in showed levels just over the safe amount.
Vicinity of in Portland
My neighbor has radon & I want to find out if I have it.
Vicinity of NE Grand Ave in Portland
I tested my basement for radon with an electric radon gas detector. It consistently reported levels of 6-7. Additionally, my basement is damp. I am interested in installing a radon mitigation system to reduce the radon levels while at the same time potentially reducing moisture in my basement.
Vicinity of NE Weidler St in Portland
A 170-day Accustar test was done last year in the basement. The reading was 15(pCi/L). I'm interested mostly in a mitigation quote.